Do you have a tree stump in your yard? Perhaps you decided to take on the task of cutting down the tree instead of hiring a tree service. Sometimes homeowners have tree stumps on their properties when the trees fall and leave behind unsightly stumps. You may have gotten used to seeing the stump if it has been there for a while. The hazards and other issues it poses may not seem important. The following points highlight a few important reasons to seek a stump removal tree service. 

Negatively Impacts Curb Appeal

If you have gotten used to seeing the tree stump on your lawn, it likely seems normal. You may not see it as distracting from other elements of your landscape. However, visitors to your home and passersby may see it as ugly and awkward. A well-kept landscape with a stump protruding from the ground can make the whole scene look disorganized and unbalanced. 

Potential Trip Hazard

You know where the tree stump on your property is located. However, individuals who do not live in your home may not see it when they visit. This poses a risk of someone tripping over it and injuring themselves. The incident could prompt a need for emergency medical care, and a claim might be filed against your homeowner's insurance. It makes more sense to get the affordable optional residential tree service for stump removal before tragedy strikes.

Potential Threat to Lawn Mower Operation

If you perform your own lawn mowing, there is a chance that overgrown weeds or grass may conceal the stump. You could end up rolling over it and damaging your lawn equipment. Perhaps someone else in the home such as one of your children helps mow the lawn. They may be less familiar with its location or forgetful that the stump is there.

Potential Tree Regrowth

Sometimes a tree stump will manifest shoots that have the potential to grow into trees. This means an additional and unnecessary nuisance for you. There are also trees that have invasive root systems. The roots may continue to grow as long as the stump is present. Eventually, they can cause property damage to plumbing systems, paving, and foundations. 

An arborist is a good resource to use to learn more about the dangers tree stumps pose and the importance of removal. They have a variety of techniques they can use to remove stumps. Techniques such as stump grinding and chemically destroying the roots are non-invasive options that will not destroy your lawn. They may not be suitable for all tree stump removal services.

Contact a local tree service to learn more.