Does your home include a sprinkler system? Are you wondering if the system is functioning as well as it should be? While sprinklers are a great way to have a beautiful lawn with less work, they do not last forever. Over time, they will need various maintenance and/or repairs in order to return to their fully-functional state. It is not always easy for the average person to tell when it is time to have a professional work on your system, but there are a few signs that you should at least have your system inspected for faults. These include the following.

Patches of dead grass

If these patches are small, only a few inches across, and roughly circular then there is a good chance that these patches are being caused by an animal urinating on your lawn and not a sign of a need for a sprinkler repair. If you have a dog, they are the obvious culprit. But whether you do or not, there are various treatments you can do to prevent this yellowing from happening. For larger patches of dead or dying grass, one or more of the sprinkler heads may have become misaligned. As a result, only some of your lawn is getting watered each time the sprinklers come on. A professional will be able to easily resolve the issue so that everything is working once again.

Increasing water bills

Water bills that continue to go up and up despite your efforts to conserve water can be a sign that you are in serious need of a sprinkler repair. When your sprinkler system leaks, large amounts of water can gush out of the pipe or pipes each time the system is activated. This can result in a water usage that is hundreds or even thousands of gallons above what your household would normally use.

Damp spots

Unless it has been raining recently, there should be no damp or soggy patches of ground on your property when the rest of your lawn is dry. This can indicate a sprinkler head that is partially clogged so that the water isn't able to go as far. It may also be a more serious need for a sprinkler repair; next month, you may see a higher water bill but right now all you see are puddles on your lawn. A sprinkler professional will need to come out to inspect everything to find the issue so that it can be resolved promptly.

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