Have you recently had a tree removed from your property? Are you left wondering what to do with the stump still sticking up out of the ground? If you're like a lot of people, your first instinct is probably to go grab a shovel and start digging in order to get it out of there. Other people may just leave the stump there and hope that nature will do the rest. However, there is a better option than either of these two methods: having the stump ground down by a professional. This offers multiple advantages that you might not be aware of.


While ignoring a stump and hoping that it decays on its own is definitely something that has no monetary cost, it does cost you in the form of lost time. If you're wanting to build a deck, for instance, you'll have to take the stump into account in order to ensure that you're able to work around it. And, although shovels are relatively cheap, the monetary cost of digging up a stump isn't exactly zero. In order to accomplish actually pulling the stump out of the hole, you'll need to purchase or rent multiple pieces of equipment that will likely wind up costing more than the cost of a basic stump grinding session.


In contrast to either ignoring the stump or trying to dig it up, stump grinding is something that is practically instant. The professionals will come out and position the equipment, and the stump will disappear in just a few minutes. The entire process will likely be completed less than an hour. This is definitely a much shorter period of time than either digging up the stump or letting nature do the work would take to finish the job.


Digging up a stump, in many cases, is not safe. Stumps are deceptively heavy and are unwieldy, resulting in potential injuries or severe damage while attempting to extract the stump from the hole. Just ignoring the stump isn't exactly safe either. Aside from being a potential trip hazard, having the stump just sitting in your yard can be the perfect nesting site for a colony of termites that are looking for a home. By the time that you've realized that they're there, they may have infested your home. Stump grinding removes the stump from the surface, eliminating the trip hazard and reducing the potential for the dead tree to be discovered by a new termite queen.