Generally, trees look mighty and firm from the outside. But even the mightiest oak can topple over due to storm damage, rotten roots, and weak structure. Although you are advised to remove such trees before they fall, some homeowners are caught by surprise. The following are some ways to respond to the situation with the help of professional tree removal services. 

1. Safety First

You might suddenly hear a loud thud on your roof. The loud sound could be caused by the falling of the entire tree or its heavy branches. It is important to get everyone to safety first. If you suspected the tree could fall, you probably have an exit plan. Evacuate the house since it might collapse due to the impact of the falling tree.

2. Call for Help

If the fallen tree caused injuries, you'd need to call an ambulance or take the injured individuals to the hospital as soon as possible. You also need to report the incident to authorities, especially if the fallen tree interfered with the power lines and caused a power outage. The emergency operators will provide further instructions on how to handle the emergency, including asking tree removal experts to come and assess the situation.

3. Contact Your Tree Removal Company

It is important to call for emergency tree care services as soon as you are settled and everyone is out of danger. Even if everyone else is out of danger, your house could still be crumbling under the tree's weight. A tree falling on your home may crash through the bricks, damage the roof, and break the windows and doors. A tree removal expert will help prevent further damage to your house. The arborist might instruct you to seal holes or punctures to prevent critters from getting into the house. It is best not to climb the roof. You could also switch off your main gas valve and electricity switch.

4. Emergency Tree Removal

Before the tree removal company arrives, consider documenting the current state of the house and reporting the incident to your insurer. Emergency tree removal services don't take long to arrive and are available 24/7. They will gently cut down the tree and remove the weight from your house. They may also deal with the logs and sawdust to clear the way for the restoration of the house.

A tree on your property can fall when you least expect it. When this happens, the tree could cause severe property damage and injuries. Therefore, it is best to take proactive measures and remove trees even before they fall. If the tree falls unexpectedly, follow these simple tips for safety.

Contact a local tree removal service, such as Alaska Hydro Ax Land Clearing, to learn more.