If you have a living, healthy tree on your property, why would you consider removing it? There are actually many reasons to remove an otherwise healthy tree from your property, and the sooner you realize the reasons why residential tree removal is necessary, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your yard.

Here are just four reasons to remove a healthy, living tree from your property. If you're still on the fence about taking a tree out, call your residential tree removal services company about your options.

Your trees are in a bad location

A healthy tree in a bad location might need to be removed. The tree itself may pose a danger to your home, building structures on your property, or even your family. Speak to a residential tree removal specialist if you have a tree that is leaning over a fence, digging into a sidewalk, interrupting your plumbing with its root system (this is a common tree fault), or otherwise disrupting your property's overall function.

Your trees are invasive

Some trees can be considered invasive just by their species. Ash, elm, box elder, and even cottonwood trees are fast and easy growers that can easily take over a yard. You want these trees removed or at least thinned out if you have them on your property. Your residential tree removal specialist can help you identify your trees so you know which ones to take out, although you can remove any tree you find to be a nuisance for any reason.

Your trees are choking each other out

To 'choke out' another tree is to block a tree from being able to reach the sunlight. This is a common occurrence when residential trees grow too close to each other or are planted with too many in a single spot. Thin your trees out by having your residential tree removal specialist help you pick the trees to keep and the ones to take out.

Your trees are messy

Some trees can be outright messy to take care of. For example, fruit trees can produce a lot of fruit that can drop and rot. Locust trees with their tiny leaves can become a mess to clean up after. Willows can break off branches all the time that are hard to mow around or rake up. You can have a tree removed that is messy and considered too much work to enjoy in the yard. Your residential tree removal services specialist will give you a quote for removal services.

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