Tree trimming is important when you own a commercial property, such as a restaurant. Mature trees give your property character, but they can take a lot of work to enhance the beauty of your property rather than make your grounds look neglected and overgrown. Here are some reasons to have your trees checked and trimmed regularly.

To Protect Your Restaurant Building

Trees with branches that grow too close to your building are hazardous. If the branches hang low enough, they can scrape the roof when it's windy. The branches also provide an easy means for squirrels and other rodents to get on your roof. The last thing you want is to have rodents around your restaurant or even signs of their presence when you have a health inspection.

Keeping trees trimmed far back from your building's roof and siding protects your building from damage and helps control pests. Plus, neatly trimmed trees are more attractive than bushy branches that haphazardly grow toward your building.

To Protect Your Customers

When branches hang too low, they can be hazardous to your customers. They might scrape against people when they walk by. They could block the vision of people walking and driving nearby. A bushy tree might make it difficult for people to see as well as they should when they pull into your parking lot or when they exit onto a busy street.

Neglected trees that harm your customers could be a liability issue, so it's a good practice to keep the lower branches cut away so your trees are high enough to not touch cars or people.

To Make Your Property More Attractive

Just like how cut grass is more attractive than a shaggy lawn, manicured trees are more attractive than trees that grow wild. Not all trees grow symmetrically, so branches might grow at wild angles if they're not cut back. Tree trimming can make your mature trees more beautiful and valuable. They enhance the curb appeal of your restaurant property so it's more enticing to customers driving by.

Plus, tree trimming can thin trees that are too thick so more sunlight shines through to make your property brighter and reduce problems with algae and mold from too much shade. Shaggy trees with low branches can even be a security hazard since an intruder can blend in with the tree and not be noticed.

Tree trimming has many benefits, and since trees are always growing, you could need to have your trees trimmed annually until the crowns grow tall enough to be high above your property. Contact a tree trimming service near you to learn more.