If you have some stray tree stumps in your yard, you may want to hire a tree company to come and grind them down. Tree companies use big, powerful machines called stump grinders to do this. While some home improvement stores sell and rent stump grinders, hiring pros to come to grind your stumps is endlessly easier than doing it yourself. However, you may have a few questions about the stump grinding process before you arrange for this service. Check out the answers below.

How much of the stump will be ground down?

Generally, the tree service will grind the stump down so that it is at least level with the ground around it. If they are able, they will grind it down a little further than this. Doing so reduces the risk of someone tripping on the stump. It also allows what's left of the stump and root system to be covered in soil or compost, which will accelerate the rate at which it breaks down and deteriorates.

Is stump grinding noisy?

Yes. The machine that grinds down stumps makes a sort of grinding and whirring noise. If you have kids, don't plan on them taking a nap while the stump grinder is there. You may want to alert your neighbors, if they are close, that you're going to have stumps ground. This way, they won't be alarmed by the noise.

What happens to the wood chips from the stump?

This depends on the tree service's protocol. Often, they will use some of the wood chips to fill in the area above the stump. They may haul the others away so they can use them as mulch for landscaping jobs. If you would like to keep the mulch from the stump for your own use, just ask the tree service. Most will leave it for you on request, and some leave it by default.

Can the tree company grind a stump near a sidewalk or building?

If the stump butts up against something, the tree company will have to handle things on a case-by-case basis. They can usually grind down a stump that's near a sidewalk or building, although they may not be able to get it as low and flush with the ground. However, there are exceptions — like some stumps surrounded on all sides by concrete.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of stump grinding and what it involves. Good luck!

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