It is not easy to remove a tree that has been in your yard for as long as you can remember. Besides, the thought of removing a tree that you see daily can be unpleasant. Trees in your yard have several benefits. They can provide shade and improve the aesthetic look of your yard. Unfortunately, there are times when you have to get rid of a tree for various reasons. Here are instances that leave you with no option but to schedule tree removal services.

1. When the Tree Shows Signs of Decay

A decaying tree in your yard is unsafe for you, your family members, and your property. Some signs of a decaying and dying tree include severe damage to the trunk, cavities, or vertical cracks. So, when you notice any of these signs, you should call an arborist to examine the tree and determine the extent of the damage. If the expert confirms the damage is severe, the safest thing to do is remove it.

2. When the Trunk Is Hollow

It is advisable to seek tree removal services when your tree has cavities or is hollow since this signifies that your tree might fall. Even if you devote yourself to taking the best care of your tree, it is not easy to revive it when it gets to such a point.

Moreover, the possibility of a hollow tree falling is very high. So, such a tree poses a serious risk to your family members and property, especially on windy or rainy days. For this reason, it will be dangerous to allow it to remain on your property.

3. When You Notice Fungal Disease or Pest Damage

Once you begin seeing some mushrooms sprouting from the base of your tree, this is a bad sign. Fungal growth on a tree indicates that it is dead or dying. Moreover, pest damage on your tree signifies that your plant is not healthy. Even if it is still standing, it may have some dead parts. If you still think you can salvage it, ask an arborist to examine it first. If the specialist advises you otherwise, it is best to remove it.

If your tree shows bark peeling, decay, insect damage, or fungal infection signs, it is best to call tree removal professionals. The professionals will first check the extent of the damage before determining whether you should remove the tree or whether a simple treatment procedure will be enough. The tree removal experts have what it takes to remove the tree without causing damage or injuries. Therefore, if your tree poses safety risks, they will carefully remove it to enhance safety.

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