No one enjoys dealing with biting insects in their backyard, and mosquitoes are perhaps the most hated of these types of pests. Understanding what causes mosquito problems along with how to eliminate the pests is a must. 

Mosquito Attractants

There are two main things that attract mosquitoes to the yard — stagnant water and breeze-protected areas. Mosquitoes aren't just drawn to water for drinking, they also need stagnant water to breed. The eggs are laid in the water and the first part of a mosquito larvae's life is spent in the water. Standing water quickly turns a single insect into a pestilent force in your backyard.

Breeze-protected areas are necessary because mosquitoes simply aren't strong fliers. If your yard is fenced in or surrounded by plants, then the pests won't have to deal with wind as much. Adult mosquitoes also prefer to rest on the underside of low-hanging tree leaves or in areas with overgrown grasses or other dense plantings where shade and still air are present. 

Cultural Controls

You can minimize (although perhaps not completely eradicate) mosquito populations with some basic cultural controls in the yard. The most important of these cultural controls is the removal of stagnant water sources. Low lawn areas with poor drainage must be filled in or provided drainage, for example. Buckets, tools, and other items that collect rainwater should be emptied frequently or moved to a dry area. Water features need a fountain or similar device to keep the water moving.

It's not desirable to remove fences or cut back all the landscape plants to encourage a breeze, but pruning and thinning out the plants can help reduce mosquito populations. Areas with overgrown weeds, grasses, or other plants should also be mowed or trimmed to reduce the number of resting areas for the pests. 

Chemical Treatments

A variety of consumer products are on the market to help combat mosquitoes. These include citronella candles and oil burners, which work well for clearing a small area of mosquitoes. Of course, these only work when they are actively in use. 

Another option is professional mosquito treatment. Periodic service that entails spraying the underside of leaves to destroy existing mosquitoes will reduce the population, although it may not control it completely. A pest control service can also install a mosquito misting system around the perimeter of the yard, which will spray a mosquito insecticide at the time the pests become active each evening. This prevents mosquitoes from entering the yard from neighboring areas. 

Contact a mosquito removal service to learn more about the available control options.