Mistakes with caring for the trees on your property can have a relatively major impact on their health and ability to grow. In severe cases, it is possible for these mistakes to severely compromise the overall health of your trees.

Poor Pruning Practices

Ineffective pruning of the trees can be a significant issue that may cause them harm in several critical ways. One of the more obvious can be due to allowing dying or diseased branches to remain attached to the tree for far longer than necessary. In addition to a lack of pruning, individuals can also excessively prune their trees. This can also have a devastating effect on the plant. Furthermore, it is possible for the use of dull tools or incorrect cutting techniques to cause further damage to the tree that will have to be addressed. Retaining a tree care service to handle this essential work can be an important step for anyone that is wanting to protect and preserve the health of these important plants.

Termite and Ant Infestations

Termites and ants can be other sources of sizable damage to a tree. The application of chemical treatments is one way of repelling these pests away from the tree. However, it is also possible to help combat this problem through the use of termite and ant barriers. These barriers can make it harder for pests to get close to the base of the tree where they are likely to start building colonies that could damage the tree itself. When placing these barriers, be careful to avoid damaging the underground root network of the tree as this could lead to substantial health problems for the plant due to a lack of moisture and nutrients. A tree care service can help with identifying where the roots are located so the barrier can be placed while causing minimal impacts to the large root system that your trees need.

Fungal Issues

Fungal issues are one of the leading causes of health problems for trees. Unfortunately, fungal infections are able to spread somewhat rapidly through the tree, and these issues can be difficult to notice until they start to cause entire branches to wither. While it is possible to neutralize the fungal issues that are plaguing your tree, this work will need to be started as soon as possible to limit the need for large branches to be trimmed to stop the fungus from spreading.

For more information about tree care, contact an arborist in your area.