The trees in your yard can be doing so much more for you than you realize. Along with helping to create the landscaping you want, they can help keep the yard cooler, reduce the wind blowing through the yard, and can help reduce the noise pollution in your yard. They can even cut down on your heating and cooling expenses. As great as trees are, when one is having a serious problem, then that tree can become a hindrance and even a potential threat and danger. You shouldn't leave a tree in your yard that you know has become a hazard. Learn more about three things that can cause a tree in your yard to become a hazard in this writing: 

1: Damage from a storm

Unfortunately, you may have a tree in your yard that has taken on a lot of damage from a storm that has swept through your area. If the tree has lost half of its crown or more, then you may want to have it removed because its chances of survival are low at that point. If the tree has been split by lightning, then it should also be removed. Another thing that can happen in a storm is for the tree to be partially pulled from the ground, so it's now leaning, and this creates a very dangerous situation. When there is a risk of the tree falling, you don't want to put off getting the tree removed because it can fall at any time and seriously injure someone. 

2: Dying from disease or infestation

There are a number of diseases and a variety of pests that can kill a tree. If the tree has a disease or infestation that is killing it, then removing the tree promptly can help to prevent the problem from spreading to your other trees. Make sure the entire tree, including the stump, is removed, and that all parts of the tree are also removed from the property to fully end the threat to the other trees. 

3: Growing in a manner that is problematic

You may have a tree that's growing too close to your home, and now it is starting to threaten the integrity of your roof. There may be a tree too close to your in-ground pool, and the roots are close enough to cause pool damage. There may be a tree on your property that's too close to the power lines, and it's getting harder to keep the growing branches out of the lines. It's best to have the tree removed so you don't end up with a fire or another serious problem occurring.

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.