Trees can be destroyed by storms and high winds, leading to widespread damage over an entire region. When this happens, removal services can become overwhelmed. Knowing the factors that impact tree removal following a storm can help you get the service you need.

What Is the Extent of the Tree Damage?

The amount of damage suffered by the tree will determine the best methods for dealing with it. If the tree is still standing but poses a fall risk, then your removal service must safely take it down before it causes further damages or injuries. Tress that are down completely may have lower priority in comparison, depending on where they landed. Trees that can be saved but have broken limbs hung up in the crown may also pose an immediate high priority hazard.

How Many Trees Suffered Damage?

Cost of removal will depend on many factors, but the amount of trees that need to be taken out or clean up following a storm will definitely impact the job. A job may also be given higher priority if a down tree is hung up in the branches of other trees, as removing the downed tree may allow for saving the remaining trees. 

Were Any Structures Affected by the Trees?

One of the more devastating casualties of a storm-damaged tree is if it has landed on your home or another building. Generally, it's not considered safe to be in the home until the tree is removed and damage is accessed, so this type of removal is considered a high priority. Your tree removal service may need to work in conjunction with a roofing service to safely remove the tree without causing further damage.

Are There Any Active Hazards Present?

Make sure your removal service is aware if there are any active hazards before they arrive. Trees hung up in power lines or uprooted trees that may be near buried gas lines are examples of an active hazard. You must also contact any emergency services or utility services if the hazard could pose a major danger. 

Is the Tree Affecting Right Of Ways?

Trees that are lying harmlessly in a yard do not require the same urgent removal as those that are blocking streets, sidewalks, or driveways. It is also considered urgent if the damaged tree makes it difficult or impossible to access your home's entries or blocks access points for emergency services. Make sure to let your removal service know if the tree is causing any type of blockage so that they can provide expedited service.

Contact a tree removal service for help with cleaning up your damaged trees.