Stump removal is a relatively simple process, but it is still one that requires professional attention. Consider the following steps taken by a stump grinding service.

Step 1: Measurements and Assessment

Before grinding can begin, the tree service technicians must measure the stump and determine the depth of grinding necessary. The space available for grinding will also be assessed, along with anything that could interfere with the process. For example, stumps that are located near a structure, such as a paved area or wall, can be more challenging to grind.

The measurements and assessment of the stump will help the technicians determine the type and size grinder to use. For example, if careful maneuvering is necessary, a smaller manual grinder may be used instead of the larger and more powerful trailer-mounted grinders. 

Step 2: Grinding and Safety

The stump grinder must be positioned over the top of the stump properly and locked into place before the grinding can actually begin. Some grinders are equipped with chutes that help route the wood chips and sawdust away from the site for easy collection and cleanup. Once everything is positioned, the grinder will be activated until the stump is ground down to the depth determined during the measuring and assessing stage. 

Even with the chute in place, some sawdust and chips will fly out from the grinder, so safety precautions must be taken. The technicians will wear safety goggles and other protective gear. As the homeowner, take precautions to ensure no pets or children wander near the site while the grinding is in process. 

Step 3: Cleanup and Disposal

You will have some options during cleanup. You can opt to keep the wood chips in order to fill in the hole left behind or use as mulch in other parts of the landscaping. Alternatively, you can opt to let the stump grinding service haul away and dispose of the wood chips for you. 

The grinding crew will rake up and clean the site adequately,  but they typically do not landscape the area afterward. If you would like to install a lawn or garden bed over the old stump site, it is your responsibility to address the task. Just keep in mind there will be some sinking in the area over the next couple of years as the remaining roots in the ground decompose. 

Contact a stump grinding service if you need help with the removal of a stump on your property.