Removing one or more trees from your yard is not recommended for any homeowner who is thinking about doing the job himself/herself. There is a lot involved, and it is much more than just using a chainsaw to cut down a tree. You never know where or how the tree will fall, and it might be a lot taller and broader than you think. It is always worth it to get information from a tree service like Tree Landers to complete these tasks. Here are various tree removal services, from "topping" to stump grinding, and what you can expect to pay. 

"Topping" a Tree

Topping is an old lumberjack term that means that you are just having the top third of the tree cut down. You may need to do this when the tree is interfering with telephone or electrical cables connected to street poles, or when there is a risk that the top of the tree might break off and crash through a roof (yours or your neighbor's!). If all you want is topping service, that typically isn't too expensive. It probably depends on the height of the tree, where you reside, and how much effort it will take to carefully and safely remove the top of the tree. 

Tree Removal

There are two types of tree removal services. The first cuts the tree down at the base and turns it into logs, sawdust, etc.. The second excavates most of the major roots of the tree and then pulls the tree out of the ground after sawing through the major roots.

It is usually easier to do the first, since you can always grind down the stump and there is less damage to your yard. The latter tree removal service tends to leave a large hole and ruts where the tree and its roots are pulled out. The ruts and hole have to be filled in with soil and landscaped to change this spot to grassy yard. The cost to remove a tree completely may be based on the height of the tree because tree services can charge "x" amount of dollars per foot of height, and it depends on which of the two types of tree removal services you select. 

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are quite unsightly. They are also murder on a lawnmower when you are trying to mow around them and end up smacking mower blades on the edges of the stump. A tree service can grind down a stump in a matter of thirty minutes or less for most small to medium stumps. The cost will probably depend on the size of the stump and what these service companies charge in your area.