It is not difficult to keep trees strong and healthy. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to weaken or kill trees too. The following are some of the major measures you can rely on to keep your trees strong and healthy.

Trim and Prune Appropriately

Tree trimming and pruning can:

  • Help all parts of a tree to receive sunlight and air
  • Get rid of damaged parts of a tree to prevent further damage
  • Encourage the structural stability of a tree, for example, if it is leaning 

However, the trees will only enjoy these benefits if the pruning or trimming is done correctly. For example, inappropriate pruning can end in the removal of too many branches and hinder the tree's ability to manufacture its food.

Prevent Construction Damage

Construction-related activities are some of the most common causes of tree damages. For example, many people trim trees haphazardly when they want to construct structures near the trees, digging trenches during construction or placing underground pipes can also damage tree roots. Construction equipment can also scratch tree barks or break tree branches. Take active measures to protect your trees during construction, for example, by cordoning off trees to prevent their damage.

Keep Pests at Bay

A pest infestation can also weaken or even kill your trees, so this is another thing to watch out for.  You need to know your trees' species as well as the common pests for such species. That way, you can take measures to keep the pests at bay. Common pest-prevention methods include pruning, removing dead branches or falling fruits, and keeping trees healthy. Spraying may also be necessary in cases of extreme infestation.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Both too little and too much water can kill your trees. If you allow water to stand under the trees, the water drives out oxygen from the soil, washes away nutrients, and can even encourage soil compaction. Running water, on the other hand, triggers soil erosion and exposes tree roots to damage. One way to prevent damage due to waterlogging is to encourage proper drainage around the trees.

Avoid Soil Compaction

Lastly, you should avoid compacting soil at the base of the trees. Tree roots find it difficult to absorb water, air, and nutrients from compacted soils. Construction of pavements and parking cars near trees are some of the activities that lead to soil compaction.

Contact a tree professional for further tips of keeping your trees healthy. A tree company can also help you diagnose weak trees so that you may be able to save the trees before they dry up.

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