Do you have a tree stump somewhere on your property that you want to get rid of in the near future? Are you thinking that it should be no big deal to just go out, dig up the stump yourself, and be rid of the thing? Despite appearances, this is actually something that can be quite dangerous. Depending on the equipment being used, you could be hurt or even killed if you attempt such a thing. Instead of doing it yourself, it's best to leave this chore to trained professionals. If you don't do so, here are some of the things that could go wrong:

Flying debris: One of the most common methods of attempting to eliminate a stump is to dig around the stump to some degree and then use a chain or a sturdy rope tied to a vehicle to attempt to yank the stump out of the ground. Not only can this actually rip the bumper right off of the vehicle in question, but even worse things can also happen if you are actually successful. Being yanked out of the ground in such a manner can cause the stump and rocks of various sizes to go flying. At best, this will result in just damage to the vehicle in question. At worst, someone could be maimed or killed by this flying shrapnel. Professional stump removal uses other methods and is much safer for everyone.

Saw injuries: In order to accomplish a complete stump removal, you may have to use a chainsaw, pruning shears, handsaw, and similar tools to free the stump from the ground. This is often done in very close quarters and in a hole that has been dug in the ground. If you're not used to such work, you could easily cut yourself by accident and need to be taken to the hospital. Professionals who are skilled at removing stumps will be able to accomplish the task without such incidents happening to you or to themselves.

Being crushed: Even if you do manage to not cut yourself with your tools, there is still the very real danger that you could be crushed by the stump that you're trying to remove. Stumps can be surprisingly heavy. A relatively small stump can weigh dozens or even hundreds of pounds once the portion below the ground is taken into account. If not properly supported during the entire stump removal process, the last cut to free the stump could cause it to shift and fall onto you. Professionals know how to accomplish stump removal without such dangers, but too many ordinary people underestimate the amount of support needed and wind up hurting themselves as a result.

For more information, reach out to stump removal services.