If you want to spend more time in your backyard, one of the best ways to do this is by turning it into a social gathering place. However, you may find that doing this right now is not possible because you may have too many major obstacles blocking space throughout the backyard.

Since one of the most space-consuming features in your backyard is trees, you should work on hiring professionals to help you remove a tree or two to make room for social features.

Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit is great because you can spend time outside in the evening when it is cold and warm up by sitting next to the fire. While the fire pit itself will not provide you with socialization, you can add seating around this feature so that family, friends, and neighbors can sit down.

To add the fire pit and seating around the area, you will need to clear a decent amount of space. Also, you do not want any branches crashing down into the fire pit because it is a fire hazard, so you should share your plans with tree service experts to figure out if any trees will be a problem.


When you install paving throughout your backyard, especially in a large area, you can turn it into a functional space by bringing in furniture. In this situation, you will want to remove trees with roots that are close enough to damage the paving. You should also consider how much cleaning you are willing to do to keep your furniture usable since tree debris will require cleanup.

If a nearby tree is going to cause a huge mess on a regular basis, you may want to remove the tree because then you can look forward to minimal upkeep.

Barbecue Grill

Cooking and eating in the backyard are some of the more social activities that you can enjoy as it often involves a grill, which is not something that you will have in your home. If you want to make sure that all your grilling experiences are positive, you should make sure that trees are not going to be getting in the way of cooking. Even a tree providing too much shade to the barbecue grill area may be something that you want to avoid, which you can fix with tree removal.

Hiring a tree service company is a great way to remove prepare your backyard for socialization. Contact a company like Greatland Tree Service today for more information.