Have you recently purchased a home that has multiple trees on the property? Do you know how long it's been since any of these trees were trimmed or pruned by a professional? If you've never owned trees before, you can be forgiven for thinking that they are a thing that you leave alone and basically ignore. While this is mostly true of a lot of trees, it isn't completely true of all trees. There are a number of reasons why you should have your trees checked out at least every other year but preferably on an annual basis. Some of the most important include: 

1. Fines: Depending on the type of tree and where the tree is planted, a lack of regular tree pruning can result in various fines from the city or county. A tree that is planted near the front of your property may have branches that overhang and partially block the sidewalk or even the street itself. When this happens, you could get a fine from the city for obstructing these pathways. If you have a tree that is growing near any overhead wires, you could also get a fine for the potential hazard caused by allowing them to grow into the wires. Regular pruning will prevent you from getting these fines.

2. Pests: Don't assume that you'll recognize pests when you see them. Borer beetles, for instance, resemble other benign or even helpful beetle species. Carpenter ants, to the average person, look just like regular sidewalk ants. Tree pruning professionals are going to know what pests are endemic to your area and what are the most concerning aspects to be watching for in your particular trees. Treating a tree for pests is going to be less costly than cutting down a dead tree, so it's in your best interest to discover any issues as soon as possible.

3. Property damage: Without regular tree pruning, the average tree is going to have multiple dead or dying branches that are just waiting for any strong wind or a light snowstorm to break off and fall to the ground. If a house or vehicle happens to be in the landing area, you may expect significant damage from even medium-sized branches. By having these branches removed manually, not only are you preventing this damage and making the tree look better in the process, but you're also helping the tree to become stronger and healthier by removing the dead parts of the tree that can be so attractive to pests.