When it comes to landscaping maintenance and work, individuals will often drastically underestimate the amount of care that their trees will require. In particular, homeowners can underestimate the work and planning that will go into something as routine as having the trees trimmed. Here are some tips for tree trimming.

Remove Branches From Near Power Lines

As you are planning and evaluating the trees on your property to determine the ones that should be trimmed, you might be primarily looking for signs of damage or disease. However, tree trimming projects can be an excellent opportunity to address potential safety issues that could be developing with the property. One example of this type of problem can be having branches too close to power lines. If the branches were to fall, they could potentially take the power lines with them. In addition to disrupting the power to your home and neighborhood, this could also create unsafe conditions by having a live electrical wire on the ground.

Keep Pets And Children Inside During The Trimming Work

While the tree trimming contractors are working, it is important to keep any pets or children inside until the work is finished. It is normal for children and pets to be curious about the work that is occurring. Unfortunately, this can lead to them putting themselves at risk by venturing too close to the trees that are being trimmed. As a result, it can be possible for branches or other debris to fall and cause injuries. In addition to securing your pets and children, you may also want to remove any items from the work area that could be in the way of the contractors or that you may require while the work is occurring.

Take Allergy Medicine Before The Contractors Arrive

For individuals with allergies, tree trimming projects can lead to a reaction. This occurs due to the amount of pollen and dust that can be disturbed by the trimming work. To avoid a severe allergy attack, it is advisable to take your allergy medication at least a couple of hours prior to the start of the tree trimming work so that it will have time to reach full effectiveness before dust and pollen starts to get disturbed. Luckily, the air will clear fairly quickly once this work stops. In fact, individuals with allergies may find that their issues are not as severe if they keep the trees on their property trimmed as this can dramatically reduce the amount of pollen that is being produced and spread by these plants.