A tree is only as healthy as its root system. As a result, when a person doesn't properly care for the root system of their tree, their tree will be unhealthy and could even die. However, the problem is that many people don't have a clue about where to start when it comes to root care. Fortunately, caring for a root system isn't a difficult job.

1. Plant Wisely

Always have a plan in place when you plant flowers, bushes, or other plants near an existing tree. Root systems continuously grow, and as a result, for a very large tree, the system could grow several feet. If the root system grows into other plants, it could kill them. Trees also have different watering needs than plants, and if the two are too close together, you could end up overwatering the tree roots, which could leave them more susceptible to disease.  

2. Water the Right Way

How you water a tree is quite different than how you water a plant. For instance, for many plants, it's important to keep the soil moist most of the time. However, trees should only be watered once a while. All tree root systems require oxygen to thrive, and this oxygen can only be delivered when the ground is dry. As a result, if you over water the tree, you might think you're helping it grow, but you're depriving it of oxygen.

3. Leave the Roots Alone

When it comes to a tree with large roots, you have to learn to work around the system; it's not the other way around. You cannot cut the roots of the tree to build a shed, install a flowerbed, or anything else. When you cut the roots of a tree, you open a portal for different bacteria and insects to get inside and cause a slow death. Even if you're lucky and the tree doesn't die, you will likely stunt its growth.

4. Rely on Mulch

Mulch is not just an attractive landscaping enhancement, it's also a great protective aid. For example, in very cold climates, exposed root systems can suffer damage, which can introduce health problems once the spring arrives. Mulch works as somewhat of an insulator that can help keep the exposed roots warmer, and therefore make them less susceptible to the harsh weather conditions.

If you have concerns about the root systems on one of your trees, it's always a good idea to contact a tree service provider like Complete Tree Care for assistance.