If you just bought your dream house, you might be wondering how to make your backyard feel a bit bigger. For example, if the surrounding land, it is filled with trees and other forest plant life, you may wonder if clearing some of the trees will help. It's your property and you likely want to take advantage of the land that you own and have access to it. Here are just three ways you can fully maximize your new backyard. 

1. Find the Exact Locations of Your Property Lines

If you hire a tree removal company to clear the land you own, they will need to know the exact locations of your property lines. It would cause a lot of problems if you accidentally cleared away trees from a piece of property that you don't even own. This could lead to you being sued, so check your property deed carefully to make sure you have an accurate idea of your property borders. 

2. Tree Removal

Once you know exactly where your property lines are, you can hire a tree removal company to clear away the trees from your property. This isn't something you want to try doing yourself. Tree removal can be very dangerous and time-consuming when attempted by non-professionals. A falling tree is potentially deadly, so let a professional company take care of this stage for you. They have the best equipment and safety protocols to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely. A good tree removal company will even take care of all the tree scraps that get left behind and recycle them for other uses. 

3. Stump Removal

Once the trees are removed, there will still be stumps left behind where the trees were cut. It wouldn't be much of a yard expansion if there were tree stumps left everywhere. You're looking for an open space where kids can safely play. Luckily, the tree removal company can grind down the tree stumps for you. After this step, it will appear as if there were never any trees in that area. Just as is done with the tree removal, the plant material that is left behind after the stump grinding will be recycled and put to use in other ways, rather than be wasted. You can learn more about this step by reaching out to stump removal services. 

These are just a few ways to clear and redesign your backyard. Contact landscaping or tree services to learn more.