Trees are a wonderful addition to any property, but as nice as they are, a tree sometimes needs to be removed from the property. Calling in a professional tree service is often the best solution, and finding one that can do the entire job for you is critical. 

Safety of Your House or Other Buildings

One common reason to remove a tree from your property is safe. In many cases, an old tree hanging over the house or another building can be considered unsafe by the insurance company, and they may tell you to remove it. If you choose not to remove it, the potential for the insurance company to revoke your policy is something to consider. 

Most of the time the tree needs to be unhealthy or have some damage on it before the insurance company will ask you to remove it, but keep in mind that even if they do not tell you to get rid of the tree, they can refuse a claim if they can prove that the tree was a danger. In this situation, hiring a tree service is important because trying to remove a tree that is over your house means being able to cut the tree and have it fall in just the right place. 

Reduction of Liability

When you hire a tree service to remove a tree, you transfer the liability for the job to the tree service. If they cut the tree for you, and the tree comes down on wires or a building, the tree service becomes responsible for the damage, not the homeowner. This is one reason that hiring a professional service is critical.

Your insurance company may get involved if there is an incident, but only to determine whose fault the accident was. In rare cases, or if the insurance is not up to date with the tree service, you may need to file the claim yourself, but make sure no one is using the equipment until after the insurance company tells you it is okay. 

 Professional Equipment and Knowledge

When you hire a tree service to complete some work on your property, you assume they will bring the right tools and equipment for the job when they come to work on your trees. A chain saw, bucket truck, and a chipper are among the tools that they should offer.

If the tree service consists of one man, a saw, and an old pickup, you might want to consider the work and whether they can do it on their own safely or not. To learn more, contact a company like Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service today.