Having a tree cut down on your property is often a surprise expense, and costs can start to add up quickly depending on what services you need and how quickly you need them done. Luckily, with a little research and a little extra work, there are several ways to save money.

Compare Services

Not all tree removal companies will offer the same services for the same price, so when you're doing your research of different companies, look beyond flat rate and hourly prices to see what they'll be able to offer you specifically. Many companies will offer certain collections of services, so make sure the companies you're looking at actually offer what you need. For example, if you definitely need stump removal or for the tree to be cut up and removed from your property, you may actually spend more money in the long run by getting a cheaper option first and then having to hire another company to do what they missed.

When in doubt, or if you can't find enough details on the company websites, call the company to explain your situation and ask for a quote or estimate. What you end up paying can depend on a variety of factors, so if you've started narrowing down your choices, asking for quotes specifically is a great way to help you make your decision final.

Do Some Work Yourself

Because your total cost is dependent on so many factors, this can work in your favor if you're willing to do some of the work yourself. Some of the things that can affect the company's pricing are ease of access to the tree itself, whether you're having the stump removed, whether you're having the tree cut up and taken away after it's cut down, and whether there's any work that needs to be done first, such as clearing debris, tools, or other items from the surrounding area. As a result, you can save some money by taking care of these on your own.

One easy way to save money is by keeping the tree to cut up and haul away yourself. If you can't haul it away, you can always start using it as firewood or post local ads offering free wood for whoever is willing to come pick it up. You may also even be able to sell it. Cleaning up the area around your tree is another easy way to save, as this work is often tedious but not difficult. Anything you can do to help the tree removal company get in, cut down the tree, and get out will help you save money, and in most cases, the extra work you put in is worth the money saved.

Hire During Less Busy Months

Like many other industries, tree removal services will experiences periods of greater and lesser demand, which in turn can affect availability and pricing. The "offseason" for tree removal tends to be early in the year between winter and spring when the weather is more temperate but new leaves haven't started to grow; this improves access to branches and makes it easier for trees to be removed.

There are a few things to keep in mind before hiring someone during the offseason. First, it's still important to do your research to see what services are being offered and what you'll be getting for your money. Some discounts may come as a result of certain services not being offered at the time, so make sure to double-check. Second, while you can save money by waiting, only do this if you are absolutely certain it is safe to do so. If the tree otherwise poses a potential threat, it should be removed immediately.

For more information, contact a tree removal service in your area.