Having lots of trees in your yard can make landscape maintenance inconvenient and time consuming. And lots of trees can inhibit your ability to actually use the yard or see what's going on around your property. So if you're like most homeowners who are living with several trees in the yard, you may interested in getting rid of a few of them so you can more easily care for your property and enjoy a cleaner, less cluttered looking landscape.

Here are a few considerations you can make that should help you decide which of your yard's trees to have removed once and for all:

Tree Health

Inspect your trees for diseases to decide which of them should be removed. If any of your trees are ill or old, they should be removed before your healthier and younger trees are so they don't end up becoming brittle and looking sick when they should be blooming. Sick trees can greatly decrease your property's curb appeal and make it look like you don't keep up with your landscaping well. So get rid of them before you even think about touching your healthy trees. Afterward, you may find that you don't have to get rid of any healthy trees at all.

Stump Removal

Some tree stumps are a lot easier to remove from the ground than others depending on things like their type, density, and size. If it is important to you that no stumps are left behind after your trees have been removed, you should find out exactly what it will take to remove the trunk of a given tree before deciding whether to cut it down in the first place.

Services like Aable John's Tree Services can inspect problematic trees and let you know what kinds of tools will be needed to remove the stumps, how long it will take to remove the stumps, and how much the removal will cost so you can plan accordingly. If a stump seems too expensive or time-consuming to remove, you'll have to decide whether to keep the tree there altogether or live with the stump once the tree is removed.

Property Privacy

Some of the trees on your property might be creating the privacy you enjoy when you spend time outdoors throughout the year. So if you think that removing a specific tree might decrease your property's privacy at all, consider having the branches trimmed down to the trunk so you can more easily visualize what your yard will look like if the tree were gone. If you lose more privacy than you'd like, you can always let the branches grow back. If you don't lose any privacy, you'll know that the tree is safe to have completely removed.